If you’re rather partial to the occasional drop of amber liquid, infatuated with the scent of lupulin, or just want to have some serious ammunition loaded and ready at the next round of pub banter – read on!

Last Rites
Ever accidentally mixed a Pale with a Smoked Brown Ale? Or considered an occasion where lousy phone reception might be beneficial? We caught up with Phil of Last Rites to chat about some perplexing topics.
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New Hop Releases From NZ Hops
Cultivated by New Zealand Hops in conjunction with the Plant and Food Research Institute New Zealand, the two new varieties are expected to cause quite a stir amongst hop fiends near and far. While still in the developmental stages, limited amounts have been released for brewery trials across the Australasian region with many breweries keen to sample the new hops.
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New Zealand Hop Harvest 2019
For the 2019 harvest New Zealand Hops Limited posted a total production volume 1,045,598 kilograms an increase of 323,640 kilograms or 45% on the grower owned co-operative's 2018 harvest result. Excellent conditions throughout the spring in the lead up to summer set the plants up for what looked to be a very promising crop through early December and up until Christmas with measured even growth and excellent lateral development. Read the full article here.
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Staves Brewery
It’s a pretty good indication of a beer’s quality if you can sit and punch them all day long. We caught up with Zac Pauling of Staves Brewing recently, check out the full interview here.
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