If you’re rather partial to the occasional drop of amber liquid, infatuated with the scent of lupulin, or just want to have some serious ammunition loaded and ready at the next round of pub banter – read on!

Doug Donelan
We got (slightly) serious with Doug Donelan, CEO of New Zealand Hops. Read our interview addressing the state of the industry, importance of niche styles, and dream hops.
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Hawkers West Coast IPA: Not For The Faint Hearted
We proudly presented Hawkers with the AIBA trophy for Best IPA.
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Hops For Your Homebrew
There's nothing like a pandemic to get those brewing juices flowing... We've compiled the best quality homebrew suppliers for your isolation beer.
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Keep The Beer Flowing: COVID-19
We are taking all possible precautions to ensure that we keep the beer flowing and the industry alive. In these challenging and unprecedented times, we will endeavour to keep our valued customers informed and engaged. Read on for all the latest information on COVID-19 and how it impacts our customers.
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