If you’re rather partial to the occasional drop of amber liquid, infatuated with the scent of lupulin, or just want to have some serious ammunition loaded and ready at the next round of pub banter – read on!

At 2pm (AEST) on October 26th 2019, Australian beer drinkers, producers, suppliers, supporters and everyone in between, will be collectively raising a glass to independent beer.
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4 Pines Release Kiwi Brut IPA
Born deep within the hobbit holes and guarded by Tolkienesque cave trolls, it’s a chilly-bin worthy mean-as Kiwi Brut IPA.
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Hopco is back at Brewcon19 for the 7th annual Australian Brewers Conference and Trade Expo. We’ve partnered with a whole host of Australian breweries to bring you a selection of beers showcasing up and coming hops – plus a few old favourites and some special guests.
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Brewcon19 Aftermath
Brewcon19: Marriage proposals, Indies Awards, and eighty four cartons of beer consumed at the Hopco stall.
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