Our Partners

New Zealand Hops

As the closest neighbouring country to Tasmania we extremely appreciate all things great about New Zealand and its amazing ability to cultivate great hops. 

We are ever so proud to be their exclusive agent here in Australia. 

New Zealand Hops Ltd is a grower-owned cooperative based in Nelson, New Zealand. Hops have been grown in this region for more than 150 years and co-ordination of the industry was facilitated with the inception of the New Zealand Hop Marketing Board in 1939. The company has supported a professional plant-breeding programme since the 1950s and, in 1986, became the first country in the world to commercially produce hops from triploid hop cultivars in response to international brewers’ demand for seedless hops.

New Zealand Hops Ltd is able to offer a range of hops with interesting aromatic properties providing the brewer with the dual benefits of both pleasant aroma and economic bittering. New Zealand hops have been used in a number of International prizewinning beers and are also used as the cornerstone hop in many major brands.

YCH Hops

The pride of the US hop suppliers providing Australia with an amazing selection of our favourite and new US hop varieties. 

We value the distinct characteristics of craft brewing and are proud to support the industry’s continued success in brewing quality, unique beers. 

As the only grower owned supplier in the craft industry, YCH Hops is increasingly focused on helping brewers source and manage their supply of hops by working directly with our grower-owners to manage acreage and harvest quality. We know quality begins in the field and are dedicated to providing sustainable returns to our growers to facilitate continuous innovation and improvement in the industry. This includes the development of new hop varieties based on brewer needs and industry trends, and improved reliability from year to year. Craft brewers have changed the hop industry as we know it, however, we understand the complicated dynamics of the competitive and supply-scarce world and are thrilled to be working with both brewers and growers alike to enable everyone’s mutual success for many years to come.

In everything we do, YCH Hops is committed to quality and committed to craft. Our rich, hop farming heritage provides an invaluable foundation of knowledge for our products, however, the desire of our staff to continuously improve is what truly sets us apart. Craft brewing is the cornerstone of our business and reliably providing brewers with the widest selection of premium quality hops is what we strive to do.


Known for their amazing technology and superior quality it was a simple choice for Hopco to represent Handtmann in Australia.

Handtmann is one of the leading suppliers of armatures, valves and processing plants for the beverage industry, and increasingly for biotechnology and the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. 

The success rests on the cornerstones of many years of experience and expertise in technical processes combined with practical consulting, comprehensive engineering services and ultramodern manufacturing. 

Our products prove their reliability over and over in daily use worldwide. 

Handtmann is constantly proving its special innovative power with advanced development of familiar technologies and also in implementing new ideas. 

Some extraordinary examples are the recently developed INOVA double-seat valve, which meets high sterile technology demands and the Combined Stabilization System (CSS), a pioneering alternative technology for economical and ecological protein and polyphenol stabilisation in beer.

Totally Natural Solutions

These guys specialise in hop oils and extracts, vital to the industry and a vital asset to the Hopco line up.

Totally Natural Solutions Ltd specialises in applying novel extraction technologies to develop a wide range of natural aroma and flavour products.

At TNS, raw materials are treated with the care and attention they deserve. The aim of the business is simple – to extract the essential characteristic and capture the volatiles commonly lost during traditional extraction methods.

Our mission is to develop new and innovative natural aroma and flavour products for the food and drink industry.

From our passion and knowledge of hops, TNS launched the HopInspiration Range designed for brewing and soft drink applications.

Our flagship range is just the start of a solid commitment to research and development and further projects are underway to expand into other natural aromas and flavours, so watch this space.